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IDC Defensive Firearm Retention Course

This three hour hands-on course is designed to enable you to maintain control of your firearm in a close-range encounter. The student will learn how to evade attack and be able access your concealed firearm with an attacker at close range. The student will also be given instruction on how to manipulate the pistol with a defensive mindset. This course also focuses on controlling the firearm and preventing your firearm from being removed by an attacker.
These are proven and effective methods that will improve your defensive abilities. The student may bring their unloaded concealable firearm and holster for this course. This course is taught by a certified instructor with many years of experience. Each student will receive a proof of training certificate signed by the course instructor.

Course Fee: $75

Student responsibilities: You should bring your unloaded defensive firearm and holster. If you don’t own a firearm, I can provide a training firearm and holster for you. Comfortable clothing that allows free movement is recommended.

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