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Modern Combat Science Self Defense Courses

Insight Defense Concepts understands that there are many people not comfortable carrying a firearm. Even those who do carry a firearm for protection need to be able to defend themselves when unarmed, or in a close quarters situation until they can retrieve their concealed weapon. These self defense courses will greatly enhance your self confidence and ability to defend yourself in real life situations. The material in these classes is very diverse. Students will learn open hand self defense techniques, weapons, weapons defense, control holds, defense against multiple attackers, and much more. The classes are taught by an expert level martial artist with over 30 years training and teaching men, women, and children of all skill levels. Matt has also worked with numerous police force and military members. Students will have the opportunity to achieve proficiency rank if desired, based on how many classes they attend and their level of understanding of the material being taught. Students are free to attend these classes without any contracts. Classes meet weekly. The course fee is $30.00 per lesson or $100.00 per month. Class length is typically one to two hours in length. Classes are taught in the Orland Park area. Contact Matt Collins for class availability and more details.

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