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I found the time spent in your classroom very informative,extremly factual,and your presentation very professional.After completing the first class, I was looking forward to the second one. At the gun range during the qualifying sessions, your first concern was everyones “safety”. I came away with better understanding of the law, the liability,and the possible consequences carrying and discharging a firearm. I have and will continue to refer anyone I know to Matt. I enjoyed this learning experence. Thank you very much.

February 14th 2014


The Phase 2 Course was great. Again, Matt was very accommodating and very knowledgeable in teaching and training. I highly recommend taking his classes. I will definitely be contacting him if I needed more help with anything firearms-related.

B, July 7th 2014

I recently attended the NRA Basic Pistol + Illinois Conceal Carry Course with Matt Collins as the instructor. I found Matt to be very patient and thorough in his instruction. He definitely kept the course interesting with his presentations, demonstrations of techniques and the hands on training. His focus on safety really put my wife, who was a beginner completely at ease. Whether talking to a veteran with years of experience, a military vet or a beginner, Matt showed patience throughout.

Matt also had a way of putting you at ease at the range for the shooting test. I personally get very nervous in a testing environment and his demeanor and approach to a live-fire environment made it a great experience for both my wife and I. I would definitely recommend this class to friends and family and feel that Matt would get them through without any difficulty.

Thanks for a great course!

CM, March 31st 2014


I truly enjoyed your class. I feel I made the right choice in attending your class and not the others I checked on.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to get better with a firearm or needs CCW training.
It was a 16 hrs well spent even if I don’t plan on carrying a whole lot.


DH, April 14th 2014

I want prospective students to know I was among the first to attend one of your NRA classes, and you truly presented the material in a way that seemed you’d been doing it for years, and there wasn’t an uninteresting moment; highly professional. Thank you for your great attention to detail, especially where safety, learning your firearm and its proper use are concerned.

To folks considering taking courses led by Matt Collins, not only are his teaching technique and commitment to firearms safety informative and quite evident, his course included a range visit where Matt demonstrated beyond a doubt he is highly committed to safety and the development of student proficiency; it was abundantly clear he practices what he teaches.

Students in my class also got to witness Matt’s high level of firearms proficiency, not in a showy way, but as an encouragement to all that “you can get there, too.” His teaching is very hands on and demonstrates a high level of commitment to student development. I am very pleased to highly recommend taking NRA courses conducted by Matt Collins.

F.W. Tinley Park, September 16th 2013

Matt did an excellent job instructing on everything firearms. I felt confident after the class that I could safely operate and clean my pistol. He was extremely knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions that came up in the class. I would highly recommend this class to friends, family and anyone interested in owning a firearm.

February 13th 2014


I found the firearms training provided by Matt Collins of Insight Defense Concepts to be smart, thorough, and practical. Matt goes the extra mile with all of his students, spending additional time outside of class providing invaluable hands-on training at the range. For anyone looking to learn more about concealed carry, the Illinois CCL law, and just firearms in general, I cannot recommend his classes highly enough.

HP, April 2nd 2014

I’ve been going to Matt’s self defense classes for a while now and I can honestly say if you are looking for any type of combat training (hand to hand, edged weapons, bats, sticks, handguns, etc..) he is the best in the area hands down. I’ve looked into other places before finding him and their prices are through the roof (I have a regular job, I can’t afford movie star prices). His classes are no BS and straight to the point. He doesn’t teach you stuff you don’t need just to make money off you. He has a passion for this stuff and it shows. For the very cheap cost compared to others it is well worth every penny. Very friendly atmosphere. You will get to know the people that you train with and become good friends. Everyone works as a team when training and it becomes fun….and a workout. Male or female, he will help you the best he can and give you 100% effort to make you faster, tougher, and smarter.

– NK / 05th of March 2017

Matt's classes are no BS and straight to the point.


I enjoyed your class, recommended by a friend of mine as I will be also recommending you to anyone interested in getting their CCP.

Good job…. Thanks

RP, April 15th 2014

RSI recently completed Insight Defense Concepts’ NRA Basic Pistol Course in conjunction with the Illinois Concealed Carry Course and can say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the instruction. Our instructor, Matt, not only went over the basics of the course, but also delved much deeper into the practical steps needed to properly defend yourself and handle your firearm. Even if you may already have a Utah license, for the small cost of the combined class, it is guaranteed that you will learn important and possibly lifesaving information. I would highly recommend Insight to anyone looking to take an Illinois Concealed Carry course or who is just looking to improve their gun handling skills.

February 14th 2014

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