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Advanced Target Practice Exercise #1

Here’s a simple shooting exercise that requires two people — a shooter and a coach (or friend): take the back of a target which uses white paper and draw three shapes on it using a marker, each with a different color, then label each shape with A, B, and C.

The shooter will listen for:

  • A letter
  • A shape
  • A color

For example:

Target Practice

The shooter stands ready at the firing line, and the partner yells out a letter, shape, or color — the shooter then fires two rounds into the target. The purpose is to fire consistently and accurately.

As your aim and transitioning from one shape to another improves you can gradually increase your speed focusing on flash sight picture and trigger control. Once you are comfortable and accurately hitting your acquired targets you can decrease the time between the two shots fired on each shape. In order to do this you will have to control the trigger with your finger so the trigger does not fully reset after each shot. You want to feel the trigger engage as you decrease pressure on the trigger. This exercise will increase trigger control by making you aware of just how far you need to release the trigger until the pistol can be fired again.

Also note that double-tapping is not something that every range allows and you may be asked to leave if the range has a rule against this. Be sure you are aware of all range rules before you begin double tap training exercises. You can modify this drill if necessary to comply with range rules. One way to modify it is to make one quick shot at the designated shape on the target while maintaining trigger control and sight picture as you quickly advance to the next shape on your target.

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