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Springfield XD9SC

Overall opinion:

The Springfield XD9SC is an excellent choice for conceal carry, and is still a fun gun to shoot at the range. I found it to be very accurate for a pistol its size.

This is a high quality Croatian made polymer frame pistol with an excellent reputation for reliability. All the controls are easy to operate, and the recoil is mild.

This handgun’s ergonomics feel terrific. The pistol seems to point very naturally in my hand.

The grip length and ammo capacity can be easily increased. For conceal carry purposes you can use the flush fitting magazine. The extended magazine comes with a grip spacer to give this pistol the grip purchase of a full size handgun and adds an additional three rounds to the handgun’s capacity. This little pistol holds a large number of rounds for a subcompact firearm.

There are many accessories and upgrades available for this firearm such as night sight options, conceal carry holsters and flush magazine pinky grip extensions.

I feel like you get quite a bit for your dollar with this firearm. The release of the newer Springfield XDM line of pistols has driven the price of the original XD line down, making this a great buy for such a great handgun.


Average cost: $549

Caliber: 9mm

Ammo capacity: 13 + 1 flush magazine, 16 + 1 extended magazine

Size: 3 inch barrel, overall length is 6.25 inches

Construction: Polymer frame with steel slide and barrel. The XD9SC is available in all black Melonite or two tone finish with stainless slide. The pistol pictured has custom shop hard chrome finish on the slide, barrel and controls. It also has Trijicon night sights.

Additional features: Back strap 1911 style grip safety, dual captive recoil spring, conveniently located indicator lets you know the pistol is loaded.

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