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Ruger SR22 Pistol

Overall opinion:

The Ruger SR22 pistol is a terrific and reliable little American made semiautomatic firearm. While the 22 cartridge is considered an anemic round not suitable for self defense by some, it is still better than nothing. There is no recoil to manage and the adjustable factory sights are easy to see and give a great overall sight picture. Putting numerous rounds on target is far more important than missing your intended target with a large caliber firearm.

The SR22 is an economical way to train for accuracy and familiarize yourself with the controls of a semiautomatic pistol. It is also a great way to get someone new to pistol shooting comfortable firing a pistol without fear of harsh recoil associated with a large caliber handgun.

Ruger SR 22 Pistol

Ruger SR 22 Pistol

Average cost: $375

Caliber: .22

Ammo capacity: 10 + 1 rounds

Size: Barrel length is 3.5 inches. Total length is 6.4 inches.

Construction: The barrel is steel. The frame is polymer. The slide is aircraft grade aluminum.

Grip: Rubber grip sleeves are interchangeable for different size hands.

Action: Exposed hammer with de-cocking safety, double or single action option for first shot. Subsequent shots are single action.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Very easy to clean and maintain. The takedown lever is located inside the trigger guard. Simply flip down the lever and pull the slide back fully and lift. The slide will pull right off the frame. The barrel is mounted to the frame, but can be removed if necessary. You will find the SR22 is much easier to clean than many other 22 pistols.

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