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Ruger SP101 Review

Overall opinion:

The SP101 is made in the U.S.A. by a well respected name in firearms. This revolver is well liked for it’s rugged construction and reliability.

It handles 357 magnum loads well for a revolver this size.

Great for home defense. Slightly heavy, but still a good conceal carry firearm.

The revolver’s simplicity of use and reliability make it a great choice for someone who is not very familiar with how to clear malfunctions associated with semiautomatic firearms, or an individual who is not strong enough to rack the slide on a semiautomatic pistol.

Ruger SP101

Average cost: $525

Caliber: 357/38 special

Ammo capacity: 5 rounds

Size: 2.25 inch barrel. Other lengths available.

Construction: All stainless steel. Textured rubber factory grips. This one is pictured with Altamont custom grips.

Sight recommendation: XS big dot or a Meprolight front tritium sight for improved sight picture.

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