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CZ-75 Shadow Review

Overall opinion:

This firearm is manufactured in the Czech Republic and fitted and assembled in the United States at the CZ Custom Shop.

Ergonomics are excellent, extremely accurate, excellent sites, easy to clean and maintain.

This firearm has earned it’s reputation through widespread use in European police and military.

Note that holster availability is limited.

CZ-75 Shadow

Here’s a brief demonstration of the CZ-75 (Shadow) handgun in action.

Average cost: ~ $1000 — see here for more details.

Caliber: 9mm

Ammo capacity: 16 to 20 rounds based on magazine type.

Size: Full-sized

Construction: All steel

Firing options: First shot can be fired in single or double-action. Numerous variants of this firearm are available, for example the commercial version CZ-75B, CZ-85, and CZ-75SPO1.

Product design: Browning Hi-Power

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