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IDC Basic Pistol Course: Phase One IL CCW | Illinois Concealed Firearms Course Phase 2

Give a gift of training. IDC is offering gift certificates for firearms and self defense training. We offer the Illinois CCW traing package gift certificates for $210.00 and we offer one month of self-defense training gift certificates for $100.00. These gift certificates make the perfect gift for friends and family. Send us an email for more information.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where the violent crime in the City of Chicago is out of control and both the State of Illinois and City of Chicago are staring bankruptcy in the face. With a shortfall of funding expect that services will continue to be cut, and law enforcement is already feeling the pinch — especially in Chicago, where the city is so broke that it needs to apply for federal grant money in order to hire an additional 1700 police officers.

Insight Defense Concepts was formed to help people gain the knowledge and ability to defend yourself if the need should arise. We offer modern and effective self defense training methods to prepare you for a violent encounter.
We are firearms and self defense experts based on the South Side of Chicago and we help to educate people on all aspects of firearms safety, marksmanship, defensive firearms training, open hand, edged weapons self defense, and much more.

If you’re ready to start the learning process, obtain a concealed firearms permit, already understand how to use a firearm and are looking to refine your skills, or learn and improve your self defense skills you need to be talking with us.
Please take the opportunity to look through our Firearms Training Courses and Self Defense Training Pages for more details.

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